Hello, I am Charlotte Paturel, I have moved back to my home town, many of the locals might know me better as a LeBlanc from the area. I love being back home, after college I moved out west where I met my now husband, we have since had 2 children and have both started our businesses here. My Photography has traveled with me as I travelled the world a little with my husband. I started professionally in 2016 best decision ever, something I knew I always wanted to do, and after my son was born I took the leap and started my photography journey. I had a lot of practice with my son. I have since started focusing on all family aspects of photography from weddings to large family reunions, to your everyday family photos, in studio or on location.


What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

Becca and Brian

Charlotte saved my wedding day! She came in an hours notice and put in a 12 hour day! She is an amazingly sweet and easy going person, and her work speaks for its self! I was in tears looking at photos (even before edits!) We will be recommending her services to all family members and friends! Not just for weddings but family photos and seasonal ones too! Thank you thank you thank you!!

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Available for hire In Inverness County and Cape Breton and beyond.

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